June 4th, 2011

Today’s location was DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). I actually neglected to take photos of the Manhattan Bridge, mainly because it has some pretty stiff competition nearby in the form of the Brooklyn Bridge.

DUMBO is kind of like Brooklyn’s SOHO with its cobblestone streets and converted lofts. For some reason, it’s also always swarmed with wedding photographers. This shot captures most of everything I think of when I think of DUMBO: the Brooklyn Bridge, cobblestone streets, converted lofts, and wedding photography.

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Tom is an excellent real estate agent who delivered top results with a very quick turn-around time. I would thoroughly recommend Tom and he would be my first choice to work with again without hesitation.
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Hi, my name is Tom Keefe, and I am the Vice President of Keefe Real Estate, which is based in Lake Geneva, WI. At Keefe, I oversee marketing, "Lake & Country" magazine, and Keefe Vacation Rentals. It's a blast to be so lucky enough to live in such an amazing area and work in the family business after spending 20 years on the East Coast.